Sean Ducey, CMP

Specializing in Operations | Logistics | Creative Solutions - Relationships and logistics leader helping internal / external stakeholders produce on-time, on-budget, and efficient projects.

I got my career start in the events industry while still in college when I joined the Campus Program Board, which planned events for undergraduate students. During my freshman year, I planned the school’s largest dance in a downtown venue and fell in love with coordinating details. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing all of the vision and planning come to life during the event!


Now, I plan events both big and small, and one of the best parts of my work is using my skills as a critical thinker to quickly strategize solutions to immediate event needs or in anticipating future potential roadblocks. Because I work on projects and look at ways to make things more efficient and effective, my career “superpower” has become creating long-term, strategic, and sustainable fixes that deliver events that meet or exceed client expectations.


For me, I want to impress my clients so I want to do all I can to wow them. As a result, I have worked hard to create a very customer-centric approach that puts my clients at the center of all the work. This requires leveraging resources to come up with unconventional ideas that thrill and delight stakeholders.


Additionally, through collaboration, I communicate with people involved in the project to understand how we can best work together to solve the problem or plan the event. I remember things about people and their story so that we can best work together in the future.


But part of this job of being an event operations leader means making sure that things are done the right way the first time. This is the fruition of my years of experience acting as a process improvement and efficiency champion finding ways to standardize processes, eliminate

redundancies, and boost the bottom line.


Personally, I enjoy connecting project details and meeting new people on each project. Where I really thrive is when I get to figure out how all the puzzle pieces fit together to make it happen. I love connecting with people to hear their story and how they best work within the current project/event.